ArmorGalv® Products

The ArmorGalv® finish always start with ArmorGalv® BASE, conforming to ASTM-A1059, which is a thermally diffused Zinc/Iron alloy, that can be specified with thickness from 15 to 120 (.0006"-.005")

The following chart is a description of basic ArmorGalv® Coating offered. Not ALL are listed - please call or e-mail if additional information is required.

All ArmorGalv® products are REACH and RoHS complient - totally non toxic and free of heavy metals.

A/G 800 ArmorGalv® 20-40u
Zinc Phosphate Sealer PNK
800 Hours No
A/G 1500 ArmorGalv® 20-40u
Tritop 40 Gray
1500 Hours Yes
A/G 3000 ArmorGalv® 20-40u
Tritop 40 SilFlex Gray
3000 Hours No
A/G 3000 ArmorGalv® 20-40u
Tritop 40 Blacktop
3000 Hours Yes

Note on colors:
The TRITOP PASSIVATE can be colorized with various dyes to obtain certain shades of yellow, red, blue, purple, etc. Test parts for colorization can be processed at the tech center in Elk Grove Village, IL. USA. Please contact us at 617 - 566 0058, or write to: